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Thursday, August 23, 2007

West Hollywood Logos/Superbanners/Blurbs Available Plus a Tip!!

Yeah for tips!! But I'm coming to that.

As those of you have participated (signed, displayed or been a part of our catalogue, CD or video/slideshow program) know, Authors' Coalition provides training in book promotion and booth management. Both here on this blog and in person. Sometimes we even pass ideas on from very sharp fair coordinators or program directors as you see below in a letter I sent out to our West Hollywood Book Fair group. And, yes, it seems a small thing, but small things add up. Here it is:

Dear Authors' Coalition Booth Participants:

Below you will find a letter from Roz Helfand, the West Hollywood Book Fair coordinator, along with the attached fair logo, a superbanner and blurb. She encourages you to make anything you use on your website clickable to the fair site. I'm glad she reminded me to remind you.

I also understand that booth numbers will not be assigned. I am not going to worry about this. We have a double booth and it will be lighted as AC Booths always are when electricity is available. This fair committee does a wonderful job with their programs/guides. Visitors will have no trouble finding us if you mention that you will be in the Authors' Coalition/Red Engine Press booth.

Carolyn Howard-Johnson

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