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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Your Fair Media Release Template Whether You're Part of the West Hollywood Fair or Not.

This is your media release template. It is something you can use as a guideline, even if you're not part of Authors' Coalition or the West Hollywood Book Fair.

How Do I Make This Release My Own

You'll see that this release is written as if it were mine. Here are tips for utilizing the template. Those participating in the AC booth at the West Hollywood crows may adjust accordingly, but so might others:

1. You substitute your name for mine, trading it out from the list so mine is substituted for yours.
2. Insert your own bio template where mine is. Try to keep it short in best media release form and offer a link to your media kit for more information (or, if no link exists, offer to send it by attachement upon request as you see at the bottom of the release.
3. Do NOT send any release by attachment first time around. Most news outlets will not open e-mail with attachments. Also keep in mind that when you list exceptional accomplishments of a few other authors besides yourself you add credibility to your release.
4. Include your phone number (not shown here). Busy editors often cannot wait for answers by e-mail.
5. And, of course, use your OWN contact information. I can't answer questions about YOU intelligently. (-:

Or feel free to write your own media release. I am providing this template as a service only. For more precise instructions on writing media releases, varying them, getting a tad more creative, etc., refer to your copy of The Frugal Book Promoter: How to Do What Your Publisher Won't. Or find it on Amazon.

For your own release, use you name in the headline, especially for contacts with your local press. Also mention the town you live in for releases going to your local media.

What Do YOu Do with a Release

And, no, it isn't too early to send out a release. If you do it early, you can send reminders later. Send to:

1. local media
2. all your contacts, fans, even those who have already bought your book. You wouldn't want your old fans to think you are getting lax, would you? Just tell them in an introduction to circle their calendars.
3. the Internet groups you belong to ( kinds of discussion groups)
4. at least a couple of the free media release disseminators like Find a list on my site Click on the Resources for Writers link at the top of the page and scroll down to the list. I've even give you ultra-mini reviews of each of these sites. You are welcome to pay for additional services on these sites but IT IS NOT NECESSARY.
5. Post your release in your media room on your site. If you have no media room, consider getting one. In the meantime, post your most recent release(s) somewhere convenient. Or just use the material from your release to make a brief announcement. And, yes, be sure to includ the TIME you will be signing in your own releases and and on your website. That obviously doesn't work as well for a general release.


Contact: Carolyn Howard-Johnson

For Immediate Release

New Books Launched at West Hollywood Fair

Carolyn Howard-Johnson will introduce and sign her newly-released The Frugal Editor: Put Your Best Book Forward to Avoid Humiliation and Ensure Success at the West Hollywood Book Festival on Sunday, September 30, 2007 from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M at the West Hollywood Park, 647 N San Vicente Blvd.West Hollywood, CA 90069. Look for the Authors' Coalition and Red Engine Press booth.

Carolyn will also present "Reach for Your Dream: Prepare for Publication the Professional Way" at the fair's writers pavilion at 1 pm.

Other authors signing are Carol Wood, Janet Goliger, Christine Alexanians, Kevin Gerard, Margaret Danielak, Erica Stux, Leora Krygier, Walter Brasch, Jay Bern, Sona Ovasapyan, Michael Wallach, Nance Rosen ,and Carol J. Amato. Featured books include everything from nonfiction to poetry to genre fiction.

Howard-Johnson is also the author of This Is the Place, Harkening: A Collection of Stories Remembered, and Tracings, a chapbook of poetry. All are multi award-winners. She is an instructor for UCLA Extension's Writers' Program and has shared her expertise on publishing and writing at venues like San Diego State's world renowned Writers' Conference and Call to Arts! EXPO. She was recently awarded Woman of the Year in Arts and Entertainment by the California Legislature.

Learn more about Howard-Johnson at and

More information on the West Hollywood Book Festival may be found at. Both the fair and the presentations are f r @ @ to the public

For a schedule of author signing times go to .

Learn more about Authors' Coalition at

Support material available on request

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  1. Send your Media release to newspapers and magazines affiliated to local organizations. I have sent mine to the ARS (Armenian Relief Society)Women's auxiliary and two local Armenian papers circulated in Glendale, CA. I will send a reminder about two weeks before the fair and call them with a final reminder a week before. You never know what persistence can do.


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