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Sunday, March 16, 2008

On Marketing and Essentials Like Parking!

I'll post these notes on marketing occasionally; they may make you think of things you can do to drive traffic to your segment. In so doing, of course, you benefit the entire booth. This is a cross promotion effort! (-: The note to me is in Roman, my answers are in bold.

Last November I was invited by the UCLA Native American Studies Program to speak at their 2-hour brown bag lunch series. The bookstore brought over 8 books but sold 14, the total number of people who attended the seminar lunch. I'm sending a special invitation to the department and letting them know that I'll be on campus Saturday and Sunday and offering them a special rate, even less than the Festival rate that I'll be offering. They will send out an announcement through their internal network and I hope to have a good showing on both days. UCLA has one of the largest Native American Studies programs in the U.S. so, for my book this is great.

ANSWER: This is great, targeted marketing, Danalee. The whole booth will benefit.

Will security care that I'm walking into the festival pulling a big black suitcase full of books, etc.? Will you have some sense of the best lot to park in to be close to your booth?

ANSWER: Remind me just before to give you all very specific parking instructions but for right now, parking is $8. and lot three is closest to our booth. It is near the corner of Hilgard and Sunset (northeast corner of campus). And, trust me, security will be EXPECTING people rolling big lots of books around campus!! (-:

By the way, before I forget. Make yourself a name tag that indicates you are a signing author. If you include a satin ribbon rosette (available at Stapes or Michaels I believe) you will be a standout! If anyone would like to volunteer to do this for the entire group, I will supply names. Otherwise, you're on your own. Methinks I have me hands full. (I think that's Irish for "I'm trying really hard to keep up my steam. (-: )

Danalee Buhler

You're welcome. Let's all think of the organizations that might be interested in our books right now! And be getting a list ready to send out invitations to the members!


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