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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Authors' Coop Offers Trial Videos at LA Times Fair

Big Video News!

Best Selling Author TV To Be at LA Times Festival of Books

Rey Ybarra, the interviewer for the video many of you have seen and commented on is fantastic. See what he did for me on the video in this blog. It has been an extremely effective promotion. Isn't his camerman, Randy, fantastic? You should see the professional equipment they use! And their knowledge about getting that video out to places that most authors know little about.

They will be filming at the Authors' Coalition booth at the LA Times Festival of Books April 26 and 27th with a special introductory price for videos. I'm hoping lots of authors drop by to see what he can do for them besides film a really nice video. Find him at Explore the videos he has done there. Check out his amazing past in radio and TV.

More details to come. Or e-mail me with VIDEOS in the subject line.

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