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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sample Release for AC Members Participating in our Catalog

This is a sample of how a release would look for those participating in the Authors' Coalition catalog. Please see the next blog for a sample of how the general template was adapted for one of our signing authors last year.

Contact: Jorge Lan
Phone: 727 2300568

For Immediate Release

Little Great Ones "Benjamin Franklin" featuring at LA Times Festival of Books

DATELINE (your city and state here)—"Benjamin Franklin", a biographical read-along series published by Little Great Ones, will be featured in Author's Coalition catalog for the LA Times Festival of Books. The catalog presents Authors' Coalition's finest authors in a full-color catalog to booksellers and media.

This catalog is issued in conjunction with the Authors' Coalition booth on the beautiful UCLA campus in Westwood, CA. on April 26 and 27.

Jorge Ian, publisher, says "These biographies authored by assorted writers, will promote a love for reading and knowledge in an appealing and entertaining way and help establish the essential values that great historical characters have taught us by example in this fully-illustrated book and CD. Of course, Benjamin Franklin was one of the most admirable men of his time and one of the most interesting. His story travels from thunderstorms to great inventions to the independence of our country."

Veronica Vidales, a mother and sales director of Inquamsolutions, Inc, a book distributor, says:“I congratulate you on the quality but mostly for the values you are instilling in children. My son will surely have these books.” Veronica Vidales (Mother and sales director, Inquamsolutions Inc. Book distribution).

"Benjamin Franklin" is authored by Nancy Shepard, educator, art teacher and parent counselor. She has been a Montessori teacher for more than 20 years and worked with children from all ages, constantly exploring and developing better teaching methods. She is the head of an art institute for children and the principal of a Montessori school.

Learn more about Little Great Ones at

Other authors participating in the Authors Coalition program are Catherine McDonald, Carolyn Howard-Johnson, Barbara Crandall, M.D., Pam Kelly, Joyce Faulkner, and Pat McGrath Avery. Featured books include everything from nonfiction to poetry to genre fiction.

More information on the LA Times Fair go to The fair is f r @ @ to the public. UCLA parking is $8.

Learn more about Authors' Coalition at 

Support material available on request

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