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Friday, September 21, 2007

Big Slide Show Opportunity for Veterans' Week at Branson

Some Authors' Coalition members are already part of the Authors' Coalition slideshow /video produced by Joyce Faulkner for the LA Times Festival of Books. It was free to those who participated in our CD program because we were test marketing it. It has turned out to be an excellent opportunity for exposure wherever crowds of readers gather. Here is an opportunity to join in its future.

This slide show will be flashed on two huge screens at the monster (some 100,000 visitors over the period of a week) Veterans show in Branson, MO.

Authors' Coalition has partnered with the Military Writers' Society of America to rent a huge theater in the main hall of the exhibit. Major speakers will draw crowds and AC/MWSA will have a booth in the hall. The whole theater belongs to AC. And those screens I mentioned will exclusively carry pictures of the participating authors' book covers, YOUR Books, YOUR contact information.

Obviously the focus is on veterans and writers who also happen to be veterans. But vets read, too. Even an occasional romance, I'll wager. So, if you want to be part of the slideshow/video you may. It travels with Authors' Coalition wherever it goes and with participating members wherever they go. It shows on computer screens and big silver screens.

The cost is $100 and includes the technical aspect of setup, exposure wherever the slideshow/video travels through the year, and a copy for your own use. It's a true cross-promotion. Your book, your blurb, your URL at these events. If you choose to participate, see below. There is no additional fee for those who were part of LA Times Festival of Book pilot program in April except for mailing the CD if you don't have it. You are already part of the program.

Learn more about Branson Veterans' Week

To participate send an e-mail to Pat Avery at She can invoice you for PayPal or give you an address to send a check. She will then send you details for participation and answer other questions regarding this show.

Please also copy Joyce at and me at Our deadline is 10/05/07.

There will be other military and veteran books in the slideshow, including In the Shadow of Suribachi by Faulkner, and They Came Home: Korean War POWs Tell Their Stories by Avery. There will also be a large category of books that help writers including The Complete Writer, The Complete Writer's Journal, The Frugal Book Promoter and The Frugal Editor.

Other opportunities for this event are also available. More info to come or watch this blog or the site,

Note: There is an additional membership charge of $20 for an Authors' Coalition Silver Membership for those who are not paid members of the organization. Learn more about the perks that come with that membership at AC.

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