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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pre-Booth Promotion is Good for You, Good for Your Book!

Be good to your book!

Promote the West Hollywood Book Fair as if sales and good will depend on it. They do!

Here's what need to be done before the fair:

I need a copy of your book and a business card, order form or bookmark (with order information) before the book fair. Now is a good time to send them to me. They go up in a display that is available to the public the entire day. Authors who are signing will only be in the booth during your allotted signing time but their books will keep working on display where each is highlighted in a nook of its own.

Anyone who wants to send a poster of their book cover, laminated, with grommets, 14" wide and 18" to 20" long, feel free. They are a bit expensive and I'm not sure they are worth it unless you can retrieve it at the end of the day. (Some of you who participated in the LA Times/UCLA Fair sent posters and I kept those.(-: )

Disclaimer: Unless you will be there at the end of the day (6 pm ) to take your book and materials back with you, they will be donated to a library system. No books or materials (including poster) will be returned.

Reminder: Have you rewritten the media release (template) I sent to you and sent it to the press, radio and TV contacts and posted it on a free release disseminator? Find a list of those disseminators on my website at Click on the Resources for Writers tab at the top of the page and scroll down.

Have you sent invitations to local people from Ventura to San Diego to visit you at the booth? These can go out by USPS or by e-mail but they MUST go out for a successful fair. Think about all your lists. Holiday. College. Charity. Parents from your kids schools. Business. The names of readers you've collected from other appearances. You might even ask a few bookish friends to invited their list of local friends to come see you.

Two days before the fair, send a reminder to that list by e-mail. Mention something that is going on at the fair. You, of course, but also perhaps the seminars at the Writers' Pavilion or the children's activity area, etc.

Don't forget that we will give a free book away with each book sold while supplies last. That is an incentive. You might mention that on your invitations. Yes, Authors' Coalition is providing those but donations from you are welcome. (-:

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