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A Retrospective of the Doings at the LA Times Festival of Books

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Booth Participant Sends Valued Suggestion

This suggestions was offered from one of the authors signing at this year's Authors' Coalition booth. I have long encouraged authors to bring help but usually to run errands, help take money, etc. Maybe we need two helpers. Here is the suggestions from David H. Jones:
Hi Carolyn,

Dian and I thoroughly enjoyed our time in the Authors' Coalition booth on both days at the LA Times Festival of Books.

It was a delight meeting you and all of the other good folks involved
with Authors' Coalition. Thank you for having us.

One thing that was very apparent to me during my two stints at book
signing was the importance of having an assistant out front of the
booth handing out bookmarks for my book, Two Brothers: One North, One South. Dian was able to steer a number of people to the table. Almost all of them bought a book and
had it autographed.

Visitors to the Book Fair become so visually overloaded as they walk
past a multitude of interesting booths that many who would otherwise
stop, simply go by without taking notice of our presence or signage.

I highly recommend that author's bring someone to fulfill that
function during a crowded event . . . it makes all the difference in
the world.



David H. Jones
Author of Two Brothers: One North, One South

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