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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Best Selling Author TV Offers Book Fair Participants Post-Fair Exposure

Just because a fair is done, doesn't mean the publicity has to die, too. Now, to aid those who signed at Authors' Coalition's booth with their post-fair publicity comes this great spread from Best Selling Author TV!

How might you authors use it? Link to the page Rey did for us on your website, your blogs, and let your fans know about it! Try to spot your books on display, your posters, your faces. Here's Rey's note and link! Leave a comment, please, and, for the good of your book, leave a web address with your signature!

Thank you, Rey. We'll look forward to seeing more videos!

Please click on the link to see photos and write ups for authors who participated on our Best Selling Author Television program from this years UCLA/LA Times Festival of Books!


Rey Ybarra

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