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A Retrospective of the Doings at the LA Times Festival of Books

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

LA Times/UCLA Festival of Books: Authors' Coop Featured Authors

Visit with these authors.

Let them sign your purchases.

Get a free book with your purchase while our supply lasts.

Come to the LA Times/UCLA Festiva of Books, Booths 610 and 611, Zone F, Near the Food Section on April 26 and 27, Saturday and Sunday!


Two per table

Please note--some authors are signing both days.

10 am Carolyn Howard-Johnson and Joyce Faulkner

11 am Fred Ephraim and Deborah Amelon

Noon Danalee Buhler and Annette Fix

1 pm Christine Alexanians and Sona Ovasapyan (both poets)

2 pm Carol Wood and David H. Jones

4 pm Rey Ybarra, video photographer


Two per table

10 am Annette Fix and Carolyn Howard-Johnson

11 am Fred Ephraim and Pam Kelly

Noon: Danalee Buhler and Barbara Crandall

1 pm : Carl Nelson and Patti Kokinos

2 pm David H. Jones

4 pm Rey Ybarra, video photographer


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