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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Book Display Essential To Make Books Stand Out at Fair

Once upon a time I owned a small chain of retail stores. I know how important display is to a product; we used to display our merchandise (like mini pictures) with bookstand and we sold the stands to customers to use in their homes as well. So, I've always used bookstands to display my books on, too. Here is a source for LA Times/UCLA Festival of Books participants and writers taking booths at other books fairs to use the same professional methods. If you don't already use them, you'll find details on how to do it on my Sharing with Writers blog.

Guest blogger Sue Freeman has the resource for bookstands and a few other inspiring stories to tell about how and where to sell books. She also has some ieas for their most effective use. You will see my novel, This Is the Place, displayed on a stand in the photograph. If you decide to utilize this source, please let Sue know where you found information on her product. (-:

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